Ryan O'Shea

Crafting insightful and thought-provoking content that centers around science and the future at Lifespan, PRN, and the Founder of Future Grind.

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Ryan O’Shea hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is an innovative entrepreneur and renowned speaker.

He founded Future Grind, a multi-media production company that works to spread tech literacy while examining the ethics of emerging science/technology. The Future Grind podcast shares Ryan's inspiring vision with its audience.

Ryan not only founded the Human Augmentation Institute, an organization devoted to defending physical autonomy and making sure that any developments in human augmentation are carried out honorably, securely, and responsibly.

He also works as a spokesperson for Grindhouse Wetware - experts in developing technology that enhances human abilities.

In 2017, Ryan co-established a startup powered by artificial intelligence and endorsed by the National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation. This company is striving to use machine learning technology combined with real-time intervention to create change in behaviors.

Drawing on his experiences from the University of Pittsburgh, he has dedicated himself to serving multiple boards for non-profit organizations.

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