Phillip Gallegos, MD

Co-Founder at THRIVE Performance and Regenerative Medicine, and co-host of Peak Health Locked podcast.

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Dr. Gallegos is a board-certified specialist in anesthesia from The University of Texas Health Science Center of Houston and brings an extraordinary level of expertise to the table.

Not only does he excel at ultrasound-guided nerve blocks and injection techniques for pain management, but he also employs other interventional strategies to maximize comfort levels for his patients.

His remarkable reputation in the medical field has earned him various titles such as Chief of Anesthesia and Medical Director of a Hospital, culminating with his peers voting him Top Doctor in Anesthesia for 2018 & 2021.

Backed by many other healthcare professionals before him, his success came at the sacrifice of his own well-being. After a long time overlooking self-care and healthiness, he finally started to prioritize himself and commence on an inspiring journey towards true well-being.

As Dr. Gallegos healed through functional medicine and ancestral principles, his newfound information inspired him to spread wisdom to others.

Along his journey, he met up with an old colleague and friend, Dr. Rhet Langley. Both of them collaborated to create THRIVE performance and Regenerative Medicine - a platform that helps all patients perform at the highest level possible so they can not only make it through hardship but also excel!

Podcast hosted by Phillip Gallegos, MD