Dr. Peter Hinderberger, MD, Ph.D.

An expert in complementary and alternative medicine’s approach to cancer, and is on the Board of Directors for Believe Big, and Mistletoe therapy practitioner.

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Hailing from Switzerland, Dr. Hinderberger recognized the boundaries of conventional medicine while writing his thesis on genetics during medical school: While traditional medicines are backed by data and numbers, they do not always go beyond the surface level.

This realization propelled him to explore further opportunities in research and development; with that aim in mind, he dedicated himself to pioneering groundbreaking treatments for various diseases.

In 1978, he completed a portion of his internship at the distinguished Lukas Klinik in Arlesheim, Switzerland - internationally known for its cancer treatments utilizing anthroposophic medicine.

This form of therapy includes mistletoe extractions, homeopathy remedies, and eurythmy (a unique movement therapy), along with rhythmic massage techniques coupled with art and color therapies to create an optimum healing experience.

In 1979, Dr. Hinderberger earned his medical degree and a Ph.D., both from the University of Berne in Switzerland. After relocating to America in 1981, he passed the national board examinations before completing an internship at the University of Massachusetts-affiliated hospital located in Pittsfield, MA.

In 1983, after six months of immersing himself in a comprehensive course on anthroposophic medicine and taking the place of an extremely occupied doctor specializing in this field back home in Switzerland, Dr. Hinderberger returned to his practice.

In 1984, he established his integrative medical practice in the Ruscombe Mansion Community Health Center of Baltimore. He had priorly studied classical homeopathy at the renowned National Center for Homeopathy.

For the past decade, Dr. Hinderberger's practice has transformed into a holistic cancer treatment facility. In 2018 he successfully completed the International IV Nutritional Therapy Global Physician Education course and is now an enthusiastic lecturer and mentor in Mistletoe & Integrative Oncology Training as well as The International Postgraduate Medical Training series.

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