Matt Blackburn

Health and longevity researcher, CEO at MITOLIFE, and host of the Mitolife Radio podcast.

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In 2017, Matt Blackburn earned an enlightening Bachelor of Arts degree in Complementary and Alternative Health after exploring multiple majors during college.

Along this journey of discovery, he joined the dots across related fields to link them back together with a common thread - health!
After devoting five years to mastering Psychology, he chose to take his studies in a different direction by switching over to Philosophy before finally graduating with a degree in Complementary and Alternative Health.

For the past decade, Matt has been a wealth of knowledge on water, light, and magnetism. His relentless pursuit to identify powerful tools and approaches for optimizing his body has taken him down paths he never could have anticipated.

In 2019, he developed the CLF Protocol to address calcification, lipofuscin, and fibrosis at their source in order to battle the illness.

This protocol has since been used by thousands of people around the world to help fight health problems.

He is now at the helm of Mitolife, a company focused on longevity research, and hosts the popular podcast Mitolife Radio which shares leading-edge strategies for living longer and healthier lives.

Podcast hosted by Matt Blackburn