Dr. Mark Porter, MBE

Dr. Mark Porter is an NHS General Practioner in the UK, and an award-winning health journalist.

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As a little boy, Dr. Porter had always aspired to be a doctor - even briefly contemplating becoming a veterinarian! After completing his studies at University College and Westminster Hospital Medical Schools in 1986, he officially became the accomplished medical professional he is today.

Dr. Porter was having a hard time determining the right specialty for him, so he tested out multiple areas of medicine including General Medicine, Surgery and Anaesthetics, Pediatrics, Emergency Care, Intensive Care, and Psychiatry as well as Obstetrics & Gynaecology in various hospitals. When the '90s came around though, Dr. Porter finally realized his true calling –General Practice—and never looked back!

Throughout his career, he has explored a wide variety of interesting roles, from being the team doctor for the World Rally Championship to contributing as an editorial member of GP magazine.

He's even been involved in research studies within many prestigious organizations such as the Royal College of Physicians and the National Institute for Health Research.

Dr. Porter is best known for his commitment to public health initiatives, especially those that focus on prevention over cure.

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