Josh Trent

CEO and Founder of Wellness Force Media LLC and, Podcast Host: Wellness + Wisdom Podcast.

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Josh Trent is an esteemed entrepreneur, the Founder of Wellness Force Media, and the host of the renowned Wellness + Wisdom Podcast.

For the past 19+ years, Josh has been dedicated to exploring physical and emotional intelligence for humans to repeatedly flourish in the present-day world. By being a trainer, researcher, and facilitator of this knowledge he is able to share it with others so they can harness its power.

Wellness Force Media aims to help all humans reach their highest potential for mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Wellness Force Media strives to achieve this through podcasts, programs, and a supportive global community that stands together in the fight for our health.

Josh is an esteemed C.E.S certified professional from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and a trailblazer for his BREATHE | Breath & Wellness Program:

Escape the hustle and bustle of your everyday life by taking part in a 21-day guided breath and wellness program. Harness ancient wisdom to fortify your immune system, pacify your mental state, and feel liberated from chronic stress in today’s world.

As CEO of Civilized Caveman, Josh works tirelessly to make life better for everyone through offering valuable resources such as wellness tips and personal development programs, coupled with delicious paleo recipes.

Podcast hosted by Josh Trent