Joseph Cohen, BS

The CEO and Biohacker in Chief at SelfHacked, SelfDecode, and Lab Test Analyzer. Additionally, he works to create unique content for these websites.

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Joe Cohen revolutionized the interplay between conventional and alternative medicines...and it paid off.

From a young age, he experienced inflammation, mental cloudiness, tiredness, digestion problems, sleeplessness, and anxiousness as well as other ailments that weren't widely understood by traditional medical care at the time.

Infuriated by the dearth of quality resources and devices, Joe embarked on a voyage of discovery to unlock his DNA code and monitor his biomarkers in pursuit of enhanced well-being.

His innovative, individualized approach allowed him to gain insight into his genetic susceptibilities and optimize his health exponentially more effectively than he could have ever imagined.

Driven by his own health successes, he created SelfDecode - the world's foremost direct-to-consumer DNA testing and precision health instrument. It utilizes AI-driven polygenic risk scoring to produce precise results and medical advice for consumers.

Since its inception, SelfDecode has provided over 100,000 people with the knowledge and tools they need to maintain their optimum health through DNA analysis and lab testing.

Joe is an influential entrepreneur leading the charge of revolutionizing precision health, inspiring individuals to leverage their DNA and biomarkers for optimal well-being. His mission is to help everyone experience continual good health and happiness.

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