Professor Jim Al-Khalili, CBE FRS

Professor at the University of Surrey, distinguished Chair in theoretical physics, author, broadcaster, and humanist.

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Dr. Jim is a highly-esteemed theoretical physicist at the University of Surrey and holds both the esteemed Distinguished Chair in Physics as well as an equally prestigious university chair for public engagement in science.

Armed with his Ph.D. in nuclear reaction theory from 1989, he has contributed numerous articles to the field and currently specializes in open quantum systems and biomedical applications of quantum mechanics.

He is a renowned author and radio host with fourteen science-based books to his name, in addition to twenty-six translation languages. His works seek to educate the masses on matters of popular science and scientific history alike.

As an acclaimed presenter of science documentaries, such as the Bafta-nominated Chemistry: A Volatile History, he has become a household name. He also hosts the long-running BBC Radio 4 program The Life Scientific every week.

Jim is a distinguished individual who has contributed immensely to the field of Science and its communication.

As an esteemed past president of the British Science Association, he was bestowed with several honors including the Royal Society Michael Faraday Medal, Wilkins-Bernal-Medawar Medal, Institute of Physics Kelvin Medal as well as Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication.

For his groundbreaking work in science and services towards it, Jim was honored with OBE (2007) followed by CBE (2021).

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