Jesse Chappus

Jesse is a Certified Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach, a Member of the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners (CANNP), and co-hosts The Ultimate Podcast.

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Jesse is a creative and innovative thinker who had already realized in the first four and a half years of working as a chiropractor that he hadn't yet found his true professional purpose.

Jesse's enthusiasm for health and wellness was unmistakable to his patients, yet he longed for a way to assist more people that felt naturally aligned with his personality and capabilities.

Unbeknownst to Jesse, as his chiropractic business gradually grew more and more successful, he was unknowingly sowing the seeds of destiny with every episode of podcasts he listened to.

Jesse's passion for wellness quickly converged with his newfound love of writing and podcasting to create a powerful platform. He co-hosts The Ultimate Podcast.

He brings an abundance of knowledge to his field combined with decades of experience in health, wellness, nutrition, and lifestyle management.

His passion for helping others has created a wide range of health programs, workshops, and seminars. Furthermore, Jesse regularly contributes to the media with various blogs and articles on nutrition and wellness.

Jesse Chappus has become an expert in helping his clients find the perfect balance between their spiritual self-care practices and their physical needs.

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