James L. Oschman, Ph.D.

Author, lecturer, runs workshops on energy medicine and consulting on energetic therapeutic technologies, and President at Nature's Own Research Association.

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Jim Oschman, a leader in the scientific research of alternative medicine, is equipped with both advanced academic credentials and experience to conduct his inquiries.

With over 100 articles in medical and alternative medicine journals, Jim is a renowned authority on the energetic events that come to pass in healing encounters. He regularly speaks at forums worldwide about these occurrences.

His profound knowledge and experience can assist therapists of all practices in furthering their work, as well as impart to others the invaluable wisdom he has gained throughout his career.

Jim is a learned individual from the University of Pittsburgh, with respective degrees in Biophysics and Biology. To add to his scholarly accolades, he has conducted research throughout the world for esteemed labs and contributed articles to some of the most respected academic journals worldwide.

Jim has been delivering innovative theories from his research to medical professionals across numerous hospitals, academic institutions, and health centers worldwide.

In addition, he has been heavily invested in the testing and development of innovative medical gear as well as other breakthrough concepts surrounding energy healing.

His recent studies have delved into the possible physiological and health benefits associated with walking barefoot on the soil.

Book Foreword authored by James L. Oschman, Ph.D.