Evan Brand

Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, and podcast host of The Evan Brand Show.

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Working with thousands of clients in his online practice, Evan Brand has revolutionized the lives of people living with fatigue, depression, anxiety, and digestive issues.

Through careful research as a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, he is able to identify underlying root causes in order to create powerful solutions.

By utilizing the same sophisticated lab testing approaches and protocols that he practices in his clinic, he was able to restore his own health struggles.

He's created the Functional Academy of Medicine and Epigenetics (FAME™) to provide comprehensive, at-home functional medicine training courses for gut, mold, and energy issues.

Evan is also the host of The Evan Brand Show, a podcast dedicated to helping people achieve optimal health through diet, lifestyle changes, and supplementation.

His mission is to help everyone learn how to use food as medicine so they can live better lives without the need for pharmaceuticals. He's dedicated to sharing the knowledge and tools necessary for people to take back their health and achieve optimal wellness.

Evan speaks frequently about Functional medicine, epigenetics, mold toxicity, anxiety disorders, depression, gut health, and more on podcasts worldwide. He is also a regular contributor to magazine articles and publishes multiple books in the health and wellness space.

Podcast hosted by Evan Brand