Ben Pakulski

World-renowned muscle expert, IFBB professional bodybuilder, and the top authority on physique optimization, and lifestyle integration.

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Ben Pakulski is a professional bodybuilder and fitness expert from Canada. He developed the Mi40 eating plan and Muscle Intelligence exercise program, which has been proven to be extremely successful.

His postgraduate work has taken him extensively throughout the world so that he can collaborate with notable figures in performance nutrition, exercise physiology, and biomechanics--the study of human movement.

Ben's approach to muscle building has made him a world-renowned bodybuilder. He is frequently featured in North American and European fitness magazines.

When people hear the name "Ben Pakulski," they think of a smart, cautious way to approach bodybuilding. As a well-respected coach and speaker on nutrition and exercise science, Ben is frequently asked for his advice and expertise.

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