Ameya Nagarkar

Health and wellness enthusiast, and host of the Biohacking Your Best Life podcast.

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Ameya is an acclaimed yoga instructor, sound healer, and natural biohacker with a passionate interest in health and wellness.

Throughout his pursuit of a flourishing, vibrant life, he has tested diets and fitness regimens dabbled in Yoga and Ayurveda practices, and attempted energy healing and sound healing methods as well as emotional release sessions.

He's also explored brainwave entrainment; mantra meditation; breathwork exercises; ecstatic dancing experiences enhanced with technology such as AI-inspired music—all to gain an intimate understanding of the various tools available for self-empowerment.

As an Apeiron Certified Epigenetic/DNA Coach, Ameya focuses on optimizing lifestyle so that his clients can thrive in life.

Ameya has traveled a road of exploration to provide them with the means for living their best lives. From yoga and ayurveda to energy healing and sound therapy; guided meditation, brainwave entrainment mantras, breath work, and ecstatic dancing activities alongside AI-driven music connected through wearable technology - they have experienced it all in order to gain personal insight into how well each method works.

As a testament to the transformative power of these 10 Fundamental Pillars of Health, Ameya has personally experienced their impact and can no longer keep this knowledge to himself.

After discovering Light, EMF, Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep Exercise Relations Purpose Mental and Emotional Health he is eager to share his findings with others.

Podcast hosted by Ameya Nagarkar