Dr. Adrian Lopresti

Podcaster, clinical psychologist, researcher, and Founder of Personalised Integrative Therapy.

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Dr. Adrian Lopresti is a highly regarded Clinical Psychologist in private practice and holds the esteemed title of senior researcher at Murdoch University, Western Australia.

With more than two decades of clinical expertise, he has aided both children and adults in dealing with a manifold of psychological instability.

Dr. Lopresti is an expert in numerous psychological therapies and has been extensively trained to utilize nutritional and lifestyle treatments for mental health conditions.

Dr. Lopresti is an esteemed researcher who routinely publishes documents in prestigious, well-reviewed journals divulging the influence of diet, nutritional supplements, sleep patterns, and exercise on treating and preventing depression, anxiety disorder, ADHD, and bipolar illness.

His research has included a number of clinical trials that looked into whether ingredients like curcumin, saffron, and ashwagandha could work as treatments for anxiety or depression in both adults and children.

In addition to founding Personalised Integrative Therapy, Dr. Lopresti is well-known for hosting educational workshops all around the world.

These workshops focus on the use of nutrition, lifestyle changes, and herbal medicine as effective treatments for mental health issues.

Dr. Lopresti is also an acclaimed podcaster, where he discusses topics such as nutrition and supplementation for common mental health conditions, integrative approaches to managing stress and anxiety, creating healthy lifestyle habits, and much more.

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