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The ATP project unearths the authentic, groundbreaking findings within science and media that have been overshadowed by exaggerated claims in the health sector.

Matt and Jeff are much like Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson; they seek the truth, providing it in a hilarious yet informative way that is sure to surprise you - if not exhilarate or enrage you!

The ATP Project will make certain that your time is well spent with its entertaining approach.

If you're looking for an entertaining podcast that will challenge your preconceptions and bring together all the different aspects of health, then Matt and Jeff are the perfect hosts for you.

They offer a unique combination of vivid explanation and humor, while also featuring interviews with leading professionals in their field. Every week they tackle the latest evidence-based topics, ranging from diet and exercise to psychology, nutrition, and lifestyle.

The ATP Project is always searching for the hidden gems of science, so you can be sure that every episode will provide something new and insightful.

With both Matt's passion for understanding health through many lenses and Jeff's skill in making complex topics accessible, they provide a high-level podcast that is sure to inform and entertain you. So make sure you tune in every week for the ATP Project!