Travis Christofferson, MS

Founder of the Foundation for Metabolic Cancer Therapies, an accomplished scientist and, author.

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Travis Christofferson, M.S., earned his Bachelor's degree in Molecular Biology from the highly acclaimed Montana State University Honors Program and furthered his education by obtaining a Master’s Degree in Material Engineering and Science from the renowned South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.

Nowadays, he is a renowned science writer and the founder of his own cancer charity. In addition, he proudly resides in South Dakota with his family.

He is the acclaimed author of Tripping Over the Truth: The return of the metabolic theory of cancer, and has also founded an organization dedicated to helping those affected by this disease - The Foundation for Metabolic Cancer Therapies. This foundation strives to offer a newfound hope in finding a cure.

Travis' determination and dedication towards finding a cure for cancer is truly inspiring, as he has dedicated his life to seeking out the underlying causes of this disease and finding ways to stop it.

He believes that through support and education, an end can be brought to this debilitating disease.

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