T.A. McCann

Managing Director at PSL, serial entrepreneur, investor, athlete, and host of the How to Live to 200 Podcast.

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T.A. McCann is a successful serial entrepreneur with multiple accomplishments under his belt; he founded and served as CEO of Senosis (acquired by Google), Gist (acquired by Blackberry), and Rival IQ, an authority in marketing analytics.

Beforehand, he worked as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Polaris Venture Partners and Vulcan Capital. During his time there he founded both Vulcan Labs and Providence Health Services with a laser focus on quantified health investments.

Aside from his startup experience, he has held prominent positions at Microsoft in the Exchange and Mobile Services divisions.

His portfolio of investments spans companies such as SkillJar, CreativeLive, Assist, Migo, and Vendor Hawk. Moreover, he is involved with Guidant Financial, Volt Athletics, and Splash.org on their boards of directors.

In addition to this, he is a valuable adjunct professor at the prestigious University of Washington Foster School of Business and an admirable mentor for TechStars.

With a full swimming scholarship, he attended Purdue University where he achieved his degree in mechanical engineering.

T.A. McCann is also the host of the How to Live to 200 podcast where he interviews leaders in longevity and health sciences who share their knowledge with listeners. Moreover, he regularly speaks at conferences such as SXSW and the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

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