Sean McCormick

Health and wellness entrepreneur, biohacker, and host of the Optimal Performance podcast.

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Sean McCormick is a life coach, speaker, and podcast host who helps people live their best lives. He opened the west coast's highest-rated float tank centers (Float Seattle) in 2012 and Float Bellevue in 2014.

He also connected with tens of thousands of individuals who were seeking to enhance their life. He discovered that people wanted more tools, hacks, and self-awareness options.

Sean's coaching focuses on the individual, which allows him to help his clients achieve their desired results.

As an experienced entrepreneur, father, and leader, Sean understands what it takes to get things done and is dedicated to helping his clients reach their full potential.

Sean is also the host of the Optimal Performance podcast, which focuses on taking your mental and physical performance to the next level.

Podcast hosted by Sean McCormick