Dr. Paul Faust, ND, FABNO

Naturopathic physician, and the Founder and Naturopathic Medical Director of the Chesapeake Natural Health Center.

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An esteemed graduate of Bastyr University's Naturopathic Medicine program in Seattle, WA, Dr. Paul Faust stands out among the world-renowned institution for pioneering natural health sciences that merge mind and body with spirit and nature.

During his time there he gained substantial clinical experience at Bastyr’s Natural Health Center.

To further deepen his knowledge of naturopathic health care, he sought additional training from the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Seattle. Here, Naturopaths and Oncologists collaborate together to achieve optimum wellness.

He also completed several preceptorships with two renowned local naturopaths that specialize in children's and women’s health.

Dr. Faust is a highly esteemed member of the editorial review board for Alternative Medicine Review, one of the most venerated publications in complementary and alternative medicine.

He also works as a technical writer on an independent basis with some of the industry's leading researchers in natural medicine.

With an impressive educational background, Dr. Faust holds a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from the University of Delaware in addition to his Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine.

Before he began his work in natural medicine, Dr. Smith held notable process engineering and research positions in the Medical Devices and Chemical Process Industries for many years.

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