Nick Urban

Biohacker, athlete, the founder of Outliyr, and the host of the Mind Body Peak Performance Podcast.

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All of Nick's blood tests were reported: as "normal". He felt terrible, though. He took matters into his own hands and looked for alternative treatments. He consumed every book, article, podcast, video, and interview that he could get his hands on.

He wanted to flourish. He sought advice from cutting-edge research. Where it fell short, he looked into how long-tested methods fared in the face of millennia of change.

Discovering these methods had a major impact on his athletic and mental performance. He was eager to pass on the knowledge he had gained.

Nick believes that in order to get the most out of your life, you should spend time every year reading and researching ways to improve your mind, body, and spirit. In fact, he dedicates over 1,000 hours annually to this goal.

Nick specializes in developing unique strategies to help you become a higher achiever in every area of your life. You could be an Outlier in as little as a week if you improve your mental and physical performance by one percent each day.

Nick's insights are based on both historical wisdom and recent clinical studies, making his predictions more accurate than those who rely on modern conventions.

He selects his suggestions with great care. By studying and thoroughly checking all endorsements.

Podcast hosted by Nick Urban