Monica Blake

Content Creator, public speaker, producer, and host of Redefining Medicine podcast, and integrative health and wellness advocate.

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Monica Blake is a passionate health and wellness advocate, committed to informing people of the latest advances in integrative health and functional medicine.

She hosts Redefining Medicine podcast to provide an avenue for sharing valuable knowledge on this topic, as well as her own personal experiences with health hacking.

Monica is also a speaker, content creator, and producer for her own website, Orenda Health.

Through her platform and podcast, Monica has interviewed top experts from the medical industry to share their research on integrative health and functional medicine.

With her vast knowledge in this field, she provides advice on how diet, lifestyle changes, supplements, and other therapies can help people reach optimal health.

She is a sought-after speaker at conferences and events throughout the world. Additionally, she is an advocate for educating people on integrative health and creating an environment of support for others to achieve their health goals.

Through her work, Monica hopes to inspire more people to make changes in their lives that will lead to a healthier future. With the help of her podcast and website, she aims to bridge the gap between traditional medicine and integrative health practices.

Podcast hosted by Monica Blake