Latt Mansor, Ph.D.

Research Lead at HVMN and podcast host of the Health Via Modern Nutrition with Dr. Latt Mansor podcast.

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Boasting 8 years of experience within the healthcare and pharma industries, Latt Mansor is a highly educated DPhil graduate with an international background.

Latt has a Ph.D. in Physiology, Anatomy, and Genetics from Oxford University, and in addition to his professional qualifications, he has also undertaken a course in Natural Medicine from Harvard Medical School.

After completing his post-doctoral studies at Oxford, Latt joined HVMN as the Research Lead, where he works with cutting-edge technology to develop new treatments for diseases.

In addition to his research role at HVMN, Latt is also the host of his own podcast 'Health Via Modern Nutrition with Dr. Latt Mansor'.

Through this platform, he shares his knowledge and experience to provide education on health topics and evidence-based advice about nutrition.