Dr. Jeffery Gladden, MD., FACC

Podcaster, Founder, and Chief Science Officer of Gladden Longevity.

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With over three decades of experience as a cardiologist, Dr. Gladden provided the latest and most advanced medical treatments to his patients on a regular basis.

During his tenure, he co-founded a heart hospital and created a 12+ office medical group specializing in cardiac catheterization labs. He also developed rapid response heart attack, arrhythmia, and congestive heart failure programs to serve the needs of outlying communities.

Despite his triumphs, by the time he reached 50 years old, he began to feel rundown with decreased energy and found himself struggling with tasks that once came effortlessly.

He received his medical examination, and the results were that he was simply getting older. Even so, doctors suggested that an anti-depressant should be prescribed for him.

Realizing that the questions he and his colleagues had been asking were inadequate, Dr. Gladden determined to pose more relevant inquiries.

His initial inquiry directed him to acknowledge his numerous years of providing sick care and caused him to contemplate, “how much better can I be?”

Dr. Gladden's revolutionary thinking led her to delve into integrative, functional, and longevity medicine, which she has since pursued further professionally by obtaining supplementary qualifications in this restorative sector of healthcare.

Podcast hosted by Dr. Jeffery Gladden, MD., FACC