Geoffrey Woo

Entrepreneur, investor, co-founder, Executive Chair of H.V.M.N., and podcaster.

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As an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Geoffrey Woo has made a name for himself with his co-founding of the innovative H.V.M.N., as well as Archive--two businesses he currently helms as Executive Chairman.

On top of being a co-founder of Anti Fund, he has also written five US patents and three published scientific articles.

Geoffrey graduated from Stanford University with the highest honors and distinction, obtaining his BS in Computer Science. His areas of expertise include Distributed Systems and Information Theory.

Beforehand, Geoffrey was the CEO and founder of Glassmap Inc., a software technology organization supported by YCombinator - one of the most powerful venture capital teams around. Eventually, Groupon acquired Glassmap Inc.

Geoffrey currently hosts the podcast "Health via Modern Nutrition," where he interviews and speaks with various innovators in the health, wellness, and nutrition space. He also serves as an advisor to several technology startups.

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