Faraz Khan

Founder at Fully Vital Hair, and host of the Anti-Aging Hacks podcast.

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Faraz has obtained a master's degree in Computer Science and has leveraged his expertise to collaborate with some of the most prominent enterprises globally, such as Media and Entertainment, Pharma, and Life Sciences.

When he journeyed back to his hometown a couple of years prior, the realization hit him: his parents were aging. He could tell by their waning energy and visible wrinkles; they also voiced numerous physical complaints more frequently.

It was at that point when it became clear to him just how much time had passed since he last saw them.

Faraz longed to find a way that he could help his friends and family stay healthy and remain active, so they could have incredible experiences together. It was also his mother's dream to explore the world!

Immediately he began searching for ways to slow down the aging process. He devoted himself to learning more about health and anti-aging, attending conferences, tuning into podcasts, and perusing published scientific studies as well as an array of books dedicated to the topic.

Faraz uncovered that, over the past fifteen years, a greater knowledge of human biology and an accumulation of scientific breakthroughs have resulted in groundbreaking discoveries into how we can decelerate aging.

His studies found ways to turn back our biological clock significantly — from revitalizing energy levels, reinvigorating skin health, and restoring hormones to their youthful state.

Faraz created the Anti-Aging Hacks Podcast to give his listeners invaluable insight on how to slow down, and even reverse aging. He provides cutting-edge information so that you can live your best life for as long as possible!

Podcast hosted by Faraz Khan